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When A Wave of Depression Hits, These Things Aid In Getting Me Back To Shore

The feeling of not wanting to do anything at all, for no reason at all really. Except the fact that you’re tired, in multiple ways. That’s depression. When I get these symptoms, it comes almost in waves; it washes over me and pulls me this way and that until I’m exhausted. That’s why I took the time to think about what really helps me get out of that funk and regain energy even when I think I’m stuck. They may seem simple, but they really do boost your mood and help you ground yourself.

1. Go For A Walk. Yes it may seem silly, but it’s an easy way to get your blood pumping and some sunshine on your skin. Both of which can have relaxing and rejuvenating effects.

2. Take A Shower And Brush Your Teeth. To me, not only does the warm shower soothe me, but the feeling of cleanliness does too.

3. Take A Well Deserved Nap. Being depressed really does drain your energy. It’s 100% acceptable to take a nap when you’re tired, even if it’s just mentally. Recharging your mind can recharge your mood as well.

4. Cry It Out. Sometimes that release your brain gets from crying is completely worth it. Plus, it’s not healthy to avoid crying really. If you feel like you need to cry, do it! You’ll most likely feel 10x better.

5. Bust A Move. Throw on your favorite jams, angry or happy or just whatever you’re feeling in the moment. Then simply get up and dance your heart out. Not only is this exercise and therefore improving mood but it;s just plain fun to dance like a crazy person once in a while.

These are just a few things I find helpful in getting me through those tough periods of my depression. Of course there are different things for everybody and tons of things that weren’t on this list. I like to use Pinterest to explore different techniques every now and then also.

It’s easy to get swallowed up by the feelings that depression allows you to feel which is why it is so important to know yourself and what you need to get you through it the smoothest you can. It may take a while, but everybody’s journey is different, you just have to do what’s best for you!



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